About us

Wonder who’s setting the bar for intelligent innovation? Welcome to Pollux Innovation – Swedish innovation built to help cities, municipalities and industries manage and optimize the transition to a circular economy.

Pollux Innovation uses the latest technology, and all of its capabilities, to offer companies around the world
new and innovative solutions to old-school technical products.

Always with a focus to promote sustainable and renewable solutions.

Our story

Pollux Innovation AB was founded in 2017 by a team of Swedish innovators, engineers, business developers and start-up geniuses as a think tank and platform for new ideas. It aims to become “Tech-Gardeners” by cross-pollinating  old products with new technology, as well as planting seeds of new inventions and make them flourish. 

Within the team of Pollux Innovation lies extensive experience, a wealth of expertise and high competency within several fields of expertise. 

We all have a passion for development and innovation. 

We love to explore new grounds and face new exciting challenges. 

A long-term view, creativity, flexibility and respect are fundamental values, which have contributed to our strong creation process and competitiveness over the years. 

The Pollux Innovation spirit fundamentally involves a strong sense of work satisfaction where competence, original thinking and experience all go hand in hand.