The sensor is a wireless temperature & humidity sensor using LoRaWAN technology. Powered by a light harvesting cell it works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows it to operate for several days in total darkness.

Smart Buildings
Temperature and humidity data are two of the basic information elements in any smart building solutions. The information can be used for optimizing heating/cooling and also give the property owner a possibility to supervise the humidity to avoid building damage.
Full end-to-end solution. The HADAR sensor from Pollux Innovation is a part of a full end-to-end system with sensor hardware, connectivity, web portal and back-end system. The back-end system and data are easily integrated into any building management system.

Hardware based security
Security is corner stone in IoT,
especially for sensors in industrial or commercial solutions. The hardware based security architecture provides secure boot, encrypted firmware and safe key storage, making sure correct data is feed into the business systems without a risk of information leakage or fraud. Using LoRa networks there is no need to add insecure elements behind the company firewall.

Easy installation
The sensor is easily installed in apartments, attics and basements. With the OPV cell we offer a maintenance-free operation. The design is made to blend into most environments with the discrete but still distinct design


• Absolutely maintenance-free, no batteries that need to be replaced, thru out it’s lifecycle.

• Full end-to-end solution

• Hardware based security solution

• Accurate measurements of temperature and humidity

• Best in class performance and coverage resulting from world-leading radio competence.

• Simple to use.


Energy harvesting is a relatively new term for describing the powering of low power electronic sensor systems so that they can be used truly wirelessly, without the need for batteries that will eventually need recharging.

Pollux Innovation’s energy harvesting wireless sensor technology collect and save the tiniest amount of energy from its environment. Wherever there is light, even as low as 50 lux, the OPV cell can harvest this source of energy for our battery-less sensors. 


• The sensor is a wireless temperature & humidity sensor using LoRA/LPWAN technology.

• Powered by a light harvesting cell, it works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows operation for several days in total darkness.

• The small housing can easily be mounted to vertical walls or furniture using the included double-sided tape.

• The sensor periodically measures temperature and humidity of its environment.

• Data is transmitted at regular intervals.

Technical specification

• Temperature
-20 to +60 ± 1 °C 

• Humidity
0-100% ± 5% 

• Frequency bands
868 MHz 

• Features
Secure boot & firmware Data encryption Authentication 

• Size, 75 x75 x 9,6 mm

• Weight, 65 g

• Humidity
0 – 100 % 

• Operating temperature
–20°C to +65°C 

• Operating lightconditions
50lx – 2000lx

The HADAR measures accurately the temperature and humidity and transmits the information over the LoRaWAN network.


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